Our Services

We have a team of experienced and dedicated agricultural experts, food scientists and business coaches that have impacted farmers and communities for the last six years.

Agro Input Shops

We supply agro inputs like quality seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides, seedlings, ox ploughs, hand hoes, pangas, gumboots, and veterinary medicine and vaccines, etc.

Farmer Out-grower Scheme Management

We provide services for Multinationals, aggregators and Agribusiness companies engaging a large number of farmers to supply agricultural produce. The service involves Farmer mobilization and clustering, Training and capacity building, Data capture and Reporting as well as finance and market linkages

Solar Dryers

In order to Capitalize on growing international demand for varieties of Ugandan agricultural products we employ solar dryers to enable the preservation of the agricultural products and promoting their use by farmers.

Individual and Group Training

We offer customized training at your home or at your place of convenience, to you or with your farming group.

Farming Guides

We have printed guides and digital guides to take you through your farming venture, these guides acts as manuals to help farmers succeed.

Green House Construction

We construct greenhouses and offer extension support to the farmers and seedlings.


We are the proud producers of the Zoi Foods gluten free flours and grains made from locally sourced produce


We construct dams for fishing, water harvesting etc.

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Our Partners

A big thanks to the partners below who have made our work a success every time and everywhere we go.