Most people especially youth have been programmed to look at formal jobs as the only way to success. However, with the recent strides made by young commercial farmers from the continent who are exporting to Europe, The Americas and Austral-Asia, underneath lies a realisation that Africa (sub-Saharan Africa) indeed can be a food basket of the world owing to its conducive climate all year round for crop growth.

Youth should start preparing and strategizing themselves in order to tap into opportunities world over. for example, did you know that most people in Europe and the Americas are in high demand of gluten free product? did you also know that dry fruits like bananas, avocados, mangoes, pineapples etc. are most sought after?. what are you waiting for?, smell the coffee!.

This prrocess starts with mindset change. Do not look at starting out big unless you have the resources to pool together, start smalll asyou learn, meanhile, invest alot in knowledge, utilise the internet and social media, follow The Farmers Guide Uganda on facebook, consult with us or any agricultural consultancy firm out there, forge relationships with successul farmers and let them mentor you in these new murky waters.

For those going commercial, you shouldn’t avoid consulting because one mistake can lead you into regrets and losses. you wouldn’t want that would you?. Get expert advice to help you with your baby steps. Farming can be a worthwhile experience if handled with care and due diligence.

Lets take take for instance that you have no land and cant afford leasing?, here is what I’d do;

Start by buying two local chicken (one female and one male), these multiply really fast.

  • Construct for a small structure to raise these birds, (the birds may be chicken, ducks or turkeys)
  • Buy a few kilograms of maize bran to supplement on the food got by the chicken while browsing on free range.
  • Those inb urban settings and cant go free range can opt for deep litter system which is a bit costly.
  • Vaccination of the birds is something you should add to your calendar or to-do list. If you don’t have the right discipline to follow through with vaccination, FORGET about ever being able to multiply your birds.
  • After achieving multiplication, let the birds attain full maturity, sell off, plough back the returns and embark on expansion.

If you shift from looking for the latest desighner shoe, bag, keeping up with the latest phone series , you can achieve this within two years. This venture will give you sanity while looking for those vacancies for white collars or you could use it as a spring board to achieve your dreams and help Africa realise her fullest potential.

Aticle by Wakida Emmanuel Raymond. Wakida is a young farmer and blogger and doubles as the Marketing Officer of The Farmers Guide Uganda



  1. Biased mindset is one limitation, access to the export market is harder.otherwise, Uganda has just enough resources to become a basket of food to it’s citizens and realise economic growth through farming.

  2. This is a great platform. I think this is part of what is needed to reach out to the youth and get us more involved in this very lucrative agricultural sector.

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