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Many people in Tororo and across Africa have faced challenges venturing into farming. A demonstration farm in Petta sub-county, Tororo, has not only weathered these challenges but has also become a beacon of success in agricultural innovation and sustainability.

Empowering Farmers Through Knowledge

Located in Petta sub-county, Tororo, COFIA Demonstration Farm serves as a pivotal educational center for local farmers. Through practical demonstrations and hands-on training sessions, COFIA equips farmers with essential skills and knowledge to enhance productivity and resilience in agriculture.

Supporting Economic Growth and Food Security

In addition to sustainable practices, COFIA introduces high-value crops and value-added processing techniques to help farmers access new markets and increase their income. This economic empowerment is crucial for enhancing food security and fostering economic growth within the community.

Looking Ahead: Impact and Future Goals

COFIA’s impact extends beyond Petta sub-county, contributing to the broader agricultural landscape of Tororo and beyond. As COFIA continues to expand its outreach and influence, it remains committed to transforming lives through agriculture, promoting sustainability, and building resilient communities.

Explore more about COFIA Demonstration Farm and their impactful initiatives by visiting their demo farm page. Join us in celebrating their success and stay tuned for more updates and inspiring stories from the frontlines of agricultural transformation.

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