Our Core values

Team work

We are a team of committed, passionate and empowered young people. Two heads are better than one.


We believe in networks because from them can come great partnerships among farmers and markets.


We are committed to transparency, accountability and ethical collaboration throughout our engagements.

Our Services

We have a team of experienced and dedicated agricultural experts, food scientists and business coaches that have impacted farmers and communities for the last six years.

Workshop & Seminars

We organise workshops and seminars to provide modern agribusiness techniques and offer inspiration to farmers.

Market Linkage

We are determined to widen the farming market. We link farmers to buyers who are offering great deals.

Farming Guides

An extra service which is provided by us. Want to start your journey in farming? We will take you through the key steps.

Individual and Group Training

We offer customized training at your home or at your place of convenience, to you or with your farming group.


Interested in volunteering at a farm, or just interested in just taking a tour at a beautiful farm? We can take you.

Capacity Building

We help Agribusinesses, and organisations thrive by providing capacity and team building training to their staff.

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Our News

We will always let you know what is going on in our hotel such as new added services or offers

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Our Partners

A big thanks to the partners below who have made our work a success every time and everywhere we go.